Mark White

Author & Entrepreneur

My name is Mark White, a father of two daughters and a dog. I am very excited about Dumbleby Forest & bringing this land to life. From personal experience I witnessed my daughters struggles with the process of letting go of their dummy.

I was shocked to see the attachment although I was aware of the constant wanting for a dummy/soother, while we as parents allowed them to have it, it took me by surprise the trauma that followed when the decision was made to take it away.

I created a story time where I described where the dummy would go and why it needed to go there. I do not intend for this book and magical land to be the solution but something to aid and comfort the child in the process of letting go of their own dummy/soother.

Marcus Silversides

Bringing my Vision to Life

After much research I chose the much coveted professional illustrator and designer Marcus Silversides to bring my vision of Dumbleby Forest to life.

Marcus has great pedigree as a professional artist, he created the movie poster for Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and the logo for Bob the Builder. Marcus is also a father himself and it was a great experience to have him onboard to help create Dumbleby Forest.